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Automate your quarter-slice pizza meat production to achieve:

• Greater throughput
• Higher yields

• Consistent slice quality

• Reduced labor costs

Provisur’s Formax® SX380 equipped with our Quartering System the highest levels of performance and hygiene with unmatched flexibility when processing Canadian bacon, pepperoni, ham and other pizza toppings.

SX380 Slicing System

Begin with the smallest footprint of any comparable slicer on the market. Then consider how these advantages combine to help push the boundaries of your processing operation and lower your total cost of SX380 ownership.





Open Design.png

1). Maximum yield on every product you slice

• SX380 advantages help produce the smallest butt ends in the industry

• Measurable yield advantages result from unique blade position, superior gripper design and down-to-the-blade product control

2). Open design promotes highest levels of hygiene

• Open design affords added visibility and easy access for more complete sanitation

• Tool-free disassembly facilitates fast teardown and helps ensure more complete sanitation

• All guards and belts are fast and easy to clean

3). Enhanced yields result from down-to-the-blade product control

• Driven upper-infeed conveyor outperforms paddle designs


• Flexible upper conveyors securely accommodate product size, shape and density variations


• Top-mounted, upper hold-down conveyor extends product security all the way to the blade


• Upper- and lower-infeed conveyors provide great product support, ensuring high-quality slices and reduced product waste.

4). Througput matches many larger systems


• SX380 outputs compare favorably with slicers that require significantly greater floor space and initial investments


• Contributing features include

* Wide throat 7” x 15”


* 2,000-rpm max. involute blade speed

* Short reload times

​Discover the benefits of true flexibility and down-to-the-blade product control. The SX380 + Quartering System is ideal for pepperoni, Canadian bacon, ham and other pizza toppings

TRUE Flexibility

Configure your SX380 Slicing System to meet your current needs, knowing that you can later modify many features, on site, as your business changes and grows.

TRUE Flexibility 3.png
TRUE Flexibility 1.png
TRUE Flexibility 2.png

Choose one or two independent product drives to optimize weight control and minimize giveaway.

Select up to three independent scales and classifiers or simply an efficient bulk conveyor.

Choose to mount the control panel on your production room wall, in the mezzanine or leave it machine mounted

New Quartering System saves time and reduces labor


Market-proven, time saving and slice quality advantages result when pizza meat processors convert to the Formax SX380 Slicing System, equipped with our proprietary automated Quartering System.


This simple, optional quarter-slice attachment can be applied and removed with ease, eliminating the pre-slice hand labor usually involved in quartering logs and sticks and reassembling those quarters in advance of infeed to the slicer.


Because Provisur’s new system accomplishes this task inline and without hand labor, your costs are significantly reduced, throughput and yield are increased and human interaction with products is minimized. Slice quality is also improved, as the pepperoni, Canadian bacon or ham is sliced and quartered in one easy operation.

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